Meditation & Modern Buddhism in Northern Colorado

We offer everyone, at any level, the opportunity to learn to meditate and transform their life with Modern Buddhist teachings. Those who attend classes at HKBC are people who wish to make the most of their lives and recognize the wise and skillful nature of Buddhist practices. Everyone—religious, spiritual, undecided, atheist, cynic—is welcome! HKBC is a non-profit organization, 100% volunteer-run and member-supported.

Please note:  Heruka Center will be closed

from Thursday, October 13 - Thursday, October 20,

for our Fall International Festival in New York

Our weekly classes and programs will resume after October 20.

New to Heruka Center? Try our weekly classes!

Drop in to any of our weekly classes. Everyone is welcome!

These classes are held in person. For dates and details please click on the links below.

Please note:  our Thursday Lunchtime Meditations are on break until the new year.


Friday After-work Classes, starting in November

Upcoming Retreats & Courses


Food for Thought: Does anger ever help?

A thought-provoking alternative Friday night out!  Join us for vegetarian appetizers and mocktails followed by a talk on the Buddhist point of view of anger with our Resident Teacher Trina Gunther.

International Kadampa Fall Festival

Join us for a special global Kadampa event in up-state New York at our World Peace Temple this October!  Everyone is welcome to attend in person or online.

Free Intro Talk to Foundation Program

This is a great opportunity to find out more about our special in-depth study program. Deepen your understanding of Buddha's teachings, integrate your meditation practice with your daily life, and […]

It’s much more than mindfulness.

The Benefits of Meditation at Heruka Center:

You’ve probably heard: Meditation reduces stress. It improves concentration. It benefits your health. It can even slow aging. But that’s just the beginning – at least if you meditate at Heruka Kadampa Buddhist Center. Our meditation practices are based on a lineage of wisdom that has liberated practitioners from anxiety, stress, pain and suffering for thousands of years, long before there was “an app for that”. HKBC members are your friends and neighbors who have found these teachings to be just as transformative today. Try one of our many classes and see how well they work for you.

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