7-Day Meditation Challenge

The Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness

Saturday, July 17 - Friday, July 23
Guided meditations, watchable on demand, with Resident Teacher Trina Gunther

Here in our troubled world, what could be more helpful right now than getting better at love? 

The Buddhist way of loving kindness is heart-opening and transformative. Buddha shows us how we can view our world more realistically - and this knowledge naturally gives rise to love in our heart. In other words, when we see ourselves and others as we really are, pure love will natural arise in our heart.

This challenge is a great opportunity to develop and strengthen our loving kindness, and to improve our meditation and spiritual practice. Each day we will engage in a meditation that warms our heart a bit more, based on the book The New Eight Steps to Happiness by Geshe Keslang Gyatso. These meditations transform our life - they improve our relationships - and they contribute to peace and healing in our world.

Each session is 45 minutes, and will become available on the date shown in the schedule below. Watch at your convenience!  Sessions will remain available until July 30.

This challenge was originally offered in November 2020.

Session Dates and Topics

July 17 - Session 1:  Seeing kindness
July 18 - Session 2:  The benefits of cherishing others
July 19 - Session 3:  Making room for others in our mind
July 20 - Session 4:  Seeing others value
July 21 - Session 5:  Looking beyond faults
July 22 - Session 6:  An open heart
July 23 - Session 7:  All the happiness in this world


Whole 7-day challenge:  $25

This event is not included with basic or standard membership.

No one is refused for lack of funds. If cost is preventing you from attending please contact us.

"We know from our own experience that we can never derive pure peace and happiness from material things. No matter how perfectly we arrange our external situation, for as long as we remain in samsara problems will continue to trouble us. Indeed, it often seems that the more emphasis we place on material development, the more problems we encounter.

Pure happiness can only be attained through developing our mind. Through improving our qualities of love, compassion and wisdom we can gradually eliminate all our suffering and problems, and eventually attain the everlasting joy that everyone is looking for."

~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, The New Eight Steps to Happiness

With Resident Teacher Trina Gunther

Trina Gunther is a long-time practitioner of Modern Kadampa Buddhism. She has studied and practiced in Dharma centers under Gen-la Dekyong and Gen Rigpa, and she has worked as Education Program Coordinator at centers in Los Angeles and the UK. She is an inspiring example of a lay practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism, and brings with her a wealth of practical experience of putting Buddha's teachings into practice amidst a busy daily life.

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