Labor Day Weekend Meditation Retreat:

Heart Sutra Retreat

Buddha's Healing Wisdom of Emptiness

Friday, Aug 30 - Sunday, Sep 1

With Guest Teacher Gen Kelsang Khyenwang

Realizing emptiness, the way things really are, is a universal remedy, because it is the only experience that alone solves all our problems. Based on the teachings at this year's NKT Summer Festival 2024, Gen Khyenwang will guide a series of profound meditations on Buddha's healing wisdom of emptiness within the Heart Sutra.

Everyone is welcome.

What is emptiness?

Emptiness is...

Gen Kelsang Khyenwang

Gen Kelsang Khyenwang is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico in Albuquerque. She is...

"It is true that because living beings identify themselves mistakenly they develop mistaken appearances as hallucinations and, because of this, they experience suffering and problems continually in life after life until they attain the supreme permanent inner peace of nirvana."

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Mirror of Dharma

Friday, Aug 30

7:00-8:30pm - Intro Talk

Introduction to the Heart Sutra, the Perfection of Wisdom, and emptiness.

Saturday, Aug 31

Session 1:  9:00-10:30am
Session 2:  11am-12:30pm
Session 3:  2:00-3:30pm

Sunday, Sep 1

Session 1:  9:00-10:30am
Session 2:  11am-12:30pm
Session 3:  2:00-3:30pm

Q & A:  4-5pm - Question & Answer

Retreat Registration

Whole Weekend - Friday Intro + Saturday + Sunday

Delicious vegetarian lunch included!

Friday Intro + Saturday Only

Delicious vegetarian lunch included!

Friday Intro + Sunday Only

Delicious vegetarian lunch included!

Retreat meditations will be from Mirror of Dharma (With Additions), by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. This book is available for purchase in our bookstore, or you can download it from Tharpa Publications by clicking on the button below.

The preparatory practice in each session will be Prayers for Meditation. Center copies of this booklet are provided for use in our meditation room. If you are attending online, you might be interested in downloading the prayers from Tharpa Publications (button below).

Post Festival Retreats

The New Kadampa Tradition offers three International Kadampa Festivals every year:  Spring, Summer and Fall. Thousands of people from around the world gather at these festivals to receive special teachings and blessings empowerments. These are uniquely meaningful spiritual holidays that give us the opportunity to immerse ourself in meditation and modern Buddhism, while enjoying the company of Kadampa friends from all over the world.

Post-festival retreats are organized by Kadampa centers around the world after each of the three annual International Festivals. In these the essence of the teachings from the Festival are shared with guided meditation.

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