Group Practice & Meditation Prayers

All group practices and prayers are offered in-person at Heruka Center. They are free, and everyone is welcome.

Please see calendar for exact times and dates.

Prayers for World Peace

Coming in September 2024

Prayers for World Peace is a free meditation class with chanted prayers, that gives us the opportunity to develop a warm and loving heart. Classes include two guided meditations a talk and inspiring prayers for world peace.

These will be offered weekly on Sundays at Heruka KMC, starting in September.

Regular Prayer Services on our Calendar

Heart Jewel Prayers

Receive the help, blessings and protection of Wisdom Buddha. This is the daily practice of Kadampa Buddhism and is an essential aid for spiritual progress.

Offered weekly on most Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays. Please check calendar for specific times.

Includes 7 minute silence for meditation.

Powa Prayers

Beautiful and meaningful prayers to the Buddha of Compassion for those who have recently died. Includes the Buddhist meditation known as "transference of consciousness" for the deceased.

Held once a month at Heruka KMC. Please check our calendar for date and time.

Tara Prayers:  "Liberation from Sorrow"

Receive the help, blessings and protection of Buddha Green Tara, our enlightened mother, including prayers for the welfare and protection of the whole world.

Held every 8th of the month at Heruka KMC. Please check calendar for time.

Wishfulfilling Jewel Prayers

Special offerings and prayers made to receive the important help, blessings and protection of the enlightened Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden.

Usually offered on Wednesdays at Heruka KMC at 5:30pm, with occasional exceptions. Please check our calendar for specific dates.

Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Beautiful traditional chanted prayers and offerings to become close to and receive the powerful blessings of our Spiritual Guide. This preliminary practice for Vajrayana Mahamudra is at the very heart of Kadampa Buddhist practice of the union of Sutra and Tantra.

Offered every 10th & 25th of the month at Heruka KMC. Please check our calender for times.

Long Protector Prayers

An epic traditional 3.5-hour chanted practice with offerings, which connects us to powerful enlightened Dharma Protectors who support our spiritual progress and the welfare of the entire world.

Offered once monthly at Heruka KMC, near or on the 29th. Please check our calendar for dates and times.

Learn How to Make Water Offerings

On Buddhist shrines, offerings are made to the enlightened beings. Seven bowls of water are the most commonly made offerings. These offerings have special meaning, representing seven traditional offerings made to revered guests: water for drinking, water for bathing, flowers, incense, light, perfume and food. There is also an eighth offering, music, which is not represented by a physical substance but is offered when we chant prayers.

You can learn how to make these offerings at various classes at Heruka Center, or you can learn by joining our Shrine Offering Team. The members of the Shrine Offering Team make the water offerings on the Center's shrine - each person has one day a week that is their day to make the offerings. To learn more about this opportunity you can visit our Shrine Offering Team page or contact Rosemary at

Special Offerings made at Heruka KMC

The below group practices are traditional chanted prayers that are accompanied by "tsog" offerings, a blessed food offering. Everyone is welcome! No experience required. If you wish, bring a small vegetarian food offering. These are special opportunities to enjoy Sangha community and celebrate our faith.

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