Shrine Offering Team

Learn how to make traditional Buddhist water offerings and become part of our team making water offerings on our blessed shrine.

Each day we make offerings of 7 water bowls to Buddha in our meditation room. It is easy to learn how to make these offerings, and making these offerings has many powerful benefits for the mind:

  • Quiet reflection time in a peaceful and blessed space
  • Accumulation of positive energy ("merit") in the mind
  • Ripening your Buddha nature

Members of our shrine offering team come in one day a week to make these water offerings.

If you are interested in making offerings at Heruka Center once a week, you can learn how to make the offerings and join our team by contacting Rosemary at:

Our Shrine

Our shrine is the main feature of our purpose-built meditation room, at the center of which is a large statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. He showed the manner of accomplishing the ultimate goal of living beings, the attainment of enlightenment, at Bodh Gaya in India in 589 BC. For Buddhists, faith in Buddha is their spiritual life; it is the root of all Dharma realizations.


In front of the shrine are offerings that are made daily to the holy beings. We can offer anything we find beautiful or welcoming.

Traditionally we offer seven substances based on offerings made to revered guests: water for drinking, water for bathing, flowers, incense, light, perfume and food. There is also an eighth offering, music, which is not represented by a physical substance but is offered when we chant prayers.

On most days, these offerings are represented by bowls of pure water, but on special prayer days the actual substances are set out.

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