Southwest Dharma Celebration

Medicine Buddha Empowerment

& Teachings on How to Transform Your Life

May 13-15

with Gen Kelsang Rigpa, US Western National Spiritual Director

Join like minded spiritual practitioners from all over the Southwest at our annual regional Dharma Celebration, held in the beautiful Kadampa temple in Williams, Arizona.

At the 2022 Southwest Dharma Celebration (SWDC), Gen Kelsang Rigpa will grant the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha and give teachings on profound meditation and prayer practices that have the power to heal ourselves and others.

The SWDC can be attended in person or online.

Southwest Dharma Celebration Website & Registration

Gen Kelsang Rigpa, US Western National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition

The Kadampa World Peace Temple in Arizona

This Temple for world peace was opened in 2019, with thousands of Kadampa practitioners celebrating its opening at the International Kadampa Fall Festival. For images of the opening please click here.

It’s unique design is based on the holy mandala of Buddha Heruka, Buddha of Compassion. Both the special five-tiered architectural design and the sacred art within reveal that the temple is a representation of the Pure Land of Heruka Buddha and Vajrayogini Buddha.

The Temple is located at the International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon (IKRC) just outside Williams, Arizona. The IKRC also features hotel-quality accommodations, a Cafe, bookstore, group dining facilities, and residential community.

Every year the IKRC hosts special retreat programs, celebrations and special events, as well as weekly classes and study programs at the Temple.

It sits adjacent to the beautiful pine Kaibab National Forest, and is only 65 miles from the breath-taking Grand Canyon.

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