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Compassion In Action Publicity Party

You are invited to join us:  Help spread peace, compassion and wisdom in Northern Colorado by participating in our Compassion in Action Publicity Party!  Everyone is welcome.

Concentration Training Program - Intro Talk

Make your meditations more powerful and effective through joining this 5-week concentration program. Learn practical Buddhist techniques to still and harness your mind in meditation, leading to extraordinary freedom and […]

A Buddhist Workshop on Stress-free Dating

In this workshop, we will explore simple Buddhist ways of thinking that will change our approach to dating so that it becomes fun, meaningful and stress-free!

Emptiness Workshop - February

Disappearing our ordinary self The root of our suffering and problems lies in grasping strongly at our ordinary self, the self that we normally see. Using "The Emptiness of Our […]

Concentration Training Program - Silent Retreat

In this group silent retreat we systematically train in the concentration of tranquil abiding. Participation depends on attending the Introductory Talk, Feb 5, and engaging in the 5-week guided preparations.

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