Join us for a social event this summer!

Everyone is welcome to join us for these meaningful social gatherings at Heruka Center. Connect with like-minded spiritual practitioners, what we call "Sangha," over good food, movies and/or prayers.

Sangha is one of the "Three Precious Jewels" of Buddhism, virtuous friends who support our own spiritual growth and encourage us to practice Dharma. Therefore, enjoying the company of our Sangha is part of our spiritual path! 

Kick back and have some virtuous fun with us this summer.

Puja (Prayers) & Brunch

Saturday, July 9

Medicine Buddha Prayers, 10-11am

Brunch, 11am*

Enjoy the healing prayers of Medicine Buddha in our peaceful meditation room, praying for the healing of ourselves and the whole world. The seven Medicine Buddhas made special promises to help the living beings of our world in degenerate times. To help these promises ripen for the whole world, we sincerely make these prayers.

*Following the prayers, we will enjoy brunch together at a nearby restaurant - there are several well-regarded affordable restaurants within walking distance of the center. Please note that each person pays for their own meal.

Everyone is welcome!

Pizza & Movie

Saturday, July 23

Pizza, 6:30pm | Movie, 7-9pm

The Movie 'The Wheel of Life' is based on the story of King Bimbisara, a contemporary and follower of Buddha Shakyamuni. This extraordinary story of true events of Buddha's and King Bimbisara's lives illustrates the nature of the six realms of samsara, karma and delusion, and ultimate truth.

Wonderfully performed by sincere Kadampa practitioners and teachers for Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche together with an audience of thousands, this play-turned-movie is sure to delight!  Everyone is welcome.

Puja (Prayers) & Potluck

Saturday, August 13

Prayers to Buddha of Compassion, 6-7pm

Vegetarian Potluck, 7pm

Join us to make heartfelt prayers for the benefit of the whole world to the Buddha of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara. Gathering and praying together can be very a powerful method to purify our own mind and transform our world.

Following the prayers, we will enjoy a potluck meal. Please bring your favorite vegetarian dish/food to share!  Everyone is welcome.

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