Why we need concentration

In a world of distraction, we need the peace of concentration.

Discover the potential within your mind for inner stillness, focus, clarity and strength. These are some of the important benefits of developing concentration.

We can improve our concentration gradually through training in meditation and mindfulness. While all of Heruka Center's meditation classes and retreats offer great opportunities to train in concentration, the following courses are offered regularly to help participants improve this important mental ability.

Ranging from retreats to workshops, these are organized below according to the level of challenge involved. Everyone is welcome.

Challenge Level 1

Mindfulness Half-Day Retreat

Still Your Mind

When was the last time you enjoyed stillness and peace in your mind?

On this half day retreat you will learn how to use mindfulness with the simple breathing meditation to let go of distractions and find a still and spacious state of mind, leaving you feeling rested, peaceful and happy.

Offered twice a year. Please check our Upcoming Events page or Calendar for the next scheduled date.

Mindfulness in Daily Life Workshop

Outer Chaos - Inner Calm

Even in the midst of our hectic busy lives, we can remain peaceful and centered inside through mindfulness. In this workshop we learn what is mindfulness and how to practice it in our busy daily lives, so that every day can be a calm and meaningful day.

Offered at least once a year. Please check our Upcoming Events page or Calendar for the next scheduled date.

Challenge Level 2

Day Retreat on the Subtle Mind

Clarity & Concentration Retreat

Learn how to meditate on the clarity of your subtle mind, according to Buddha’s Mahamudra teachings.

This retreat begins with a Friday evening introductory talk on the nature of our mind, clarity, as well as how to meditate on the clarity of our very subtle mind.

The Saturday that follows is a day of guided meditation on the very subtle mind. Through training in this clear and joyful meditation we gain the ability to easily pacify our mental disturbances and distractions, and we create powerful causes to experience deep and stable inner peace and concentration.

Challenge Level 3

Concentration Training & Silent Retreat Program

Tranquil Abiding

This unique training in concentration leads us to a special quality of mind called “tranquil abiding,” a deeper level of concentration that arises through training in meditation in a systematic way over many sessions. Tranquil abiding is a superior state of peace which brings us great power to make progress in our spiritual journey.

Our 5-week program has three parts:

  • An Introductory Talk - orienting us to Buddha’s methods for training in tranquil abiding and how we apply these methods in the 5-week program
  • Five weeks of guided preparatory training (at home)
  • Group silent retreat at Heruka Center

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