Volunteer with Heruka Kadampa Buddhist Center!

Heruka Kadampa Buddhist Center Colorado is a non-profit organization, relying completely on the kind efforts of our volunteers. Becoming an active member of the HKBC community by donating your time and skills to help with the running of our Center and branches is one of the most meaningful ways to add a whole new dimension to your life and meditation practice!

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering!

"By working to improve and organize a Dharma center, we are working for all living beings and we are practicing offering happiness to others." - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

The Benefits of Volunteering at Heruka Kadampa Buddhist Center

Learn something new and have fun!

As a HKBC volunteer you will have a chance to stretch your skills and talents. You’ll always have the chance to learn something different, sometimes in as little as a single day. Help a at kids meditation class, make repairs and improvements to our meditation center or get instructions on how to organize an event. Learn how to serve on a group that helps coordinate future events, retreats or classes, assist with financials or prepare snacks! No matter how you choose to get involved, if you ever wanted to change the world and see the impact of your efforts, we have a place for you.

Live a happier and healthier life

At HKBC, you’ll find plenty of those satisfying moments that make volunteering such a spiritual lift. And gardening or maintenance work is good exercise!

Research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health indicates that “volunteering is linked with better mental health, physical health and health behaviors and “people who volunteered spent 38 percent fewer nights in the hospital” than non-volunteers, and this Atlantic article cites additional findings that people who volunteer lead longer, healthier lives.”

Share your talents and interests

It just feels good to be valued; our volunteers contribute unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. For example, you might be a retired bookkeeper, or someone who is great at leveraging social media as a recruitment tool, and we want to leverage your skills and help you build more.

Socialize and have an impact

Volunteering can be a fun, meaningful way to make new friends. New to the community? Looking to branch out socially? Simply looking for something to do with new people? Volunteer and get to know others who care about the same cause as you do and together have a real and lasting impact on the world.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Class Assistants

Live-stream moderators - Are you comfortable with computers? We’d love your help running the live stream for a weekly class or the occasional weekend workshop or retreat.

Class registration and greeting - Are you interested in helping people enjoy their in-person Heruka Center experience? You can help out by learning how to register people who drop-in to one of our weekly classes or weekend events, facilitating any bookstore purchases, and being a friendly face for people.

We can always use more helpers for each class. If you come to a particular class regularly, consider coming just a few minutes early to help out. A little bit of help goes a long way!

If you are interested, please get in touch with Rosemary at: [email protected]

Special Event Organizers

Do you enjoy organizing? We are looking for volunteers who might be able to help us organize special courses, away retreats, fundraisers and other events. If you are interested, please contact Sarah at [email protected]

Center Beautification

Are you handy with a hammer / drill / paint brush? Get involved in our small in-house remodeling projects, from improving the look of our bookstore to remodeling our meditation room shrine. If you are interested, please contact Sarah at [email protected]

Publicity Team

Putting flyers up in local businesses - We are looking for a few folks who wouldn’t mind having a regular once-monthly publicity route in part of the local area. A publicity route normally takes just 1-2 hours a month, and is a fun way to connect locals to our classes!

Other ways to volunteer

Photography - We could use a few folks who are happy to take photos at select classes and gatherings.

Social media assistance - Are you experienced with facebook and instagram? Help us to connect with people through our social media accounts by posting about upcoming events, inspiring quotes, and other Kadampa news.

Newsletter publisher - We are looking for a volunteer who can help us keep connected with our core community by publishing our twice-weekly email newsletter.

Interested in volunteering at Heruka Kadampa Buddhist Center? Please contact Tim at [email protected]

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