Sunday Morning Meditation Class

10:30am — 12:00pm

In-person Only

Main Teacher
Trina Gunther

February - May Series

How to Solve our Human Problems

What is our anger, and is it helping us? In these classes, we will gain valuable Buddhist insight into the mind of anger and its many painful aspects such as stress, anxiety, frustration, irritation and burn-out. Buddha taught a much happier and more relaxed approach to our lives, the open and peaceful heart of patient acceptance.

Using the book How to Solve Our Human Problems, by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, we will learn Buddha’s effective methods for controlling our anger and replacing it with the healthy and constructive attitude of patience, learning how to practically apply patience to all of our day-to-day problems.

Class Schedule

Part 1: A Life Beyond Anger

Feb 5 - How to solve our human problems
Feb 12 - Understanding our anger
Feb 26 - A life beyond anger - with Nick Birdsall

PART 2: An Open & Peaceful Heart

Mar 5 - The peaceful heart of patience
Mar 12 - Relying upon reason and good sense
Mar 19 - Letting go of judgment & criticism
Mar 26 - Learning to accept suffering

PART 3: Living a Fearless Life

Apr 9 - Resilience to painful feelings
Apr 16 - Finding our courage
Apr 23 - Living a fearless life
Apr 30 - Relying on wisdom when we are hurt

Part 4: Responding to Hurt with Wisdom and Compassion

May 7 - Dissolving our pain in emptiness
May 14 - Forgiving instead of retaliating
May 21 - Separating anger from the person
May 28 - Purifying negative karma

Class Fee

$14 per class

FREE for Members

Special note: Heruka Center is a non-profit organization which is entirely supported through our class fees, donations and memberships. We never turn away anyone for lack of funds - if you are unable to afford the listed class fee please feel welcome regardless and simply pay what you can.

If you attend regularly and would like to support our organization while enjoying the benefits of membership, please visit our Membership page for more information or to sign up. Thank you for your support!

About Sunday Mornings at Heruka Center

Living a Spiritual Life

These drop-in meditation classes help us orient our life from the mundane to the spiritual!  Learn Buddha’s timeless and universal wisdom for how to live your best, most magical life.  Each class consists of guided meditations, a short chanted prayer, a talk and time for questions.

Everyone is welcome. No previous experience needed.

No need to wear special clothing or attire. Our meditation room has both chairs and floor cushions to sit on.

With Resident Teacher Trina Gunther

Trina Gunther is a long-time practitioner of Modern Kadampa Buddhism. She has studied and practiced in Dharma centers under Gen-la Dekyong and Gen Rigpa, and she has worked as Education Program Coordinator at centers in Los Angeles and the UK. She is an inspiring example of a lay practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism, and brings with her a wealth of practical experience of putting Buddha's teachings into practice amidst a busy daily life.

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