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Buddhism is the practice of Buddha's teachings, or Dharma. Everyone can learn how to meditate and practice Buddha's teachings through attending the study programs at Heruka Center. Our study programs are suited towards different levels of interest, from beginners to committed practitioners.

There are three reasons why we need to study and practice the teachings of Buddha - to develop our wisdom, to cultivate a good heart and to maintain a peaceful state of mind:

Develop wisdom

If we do not strive to develop our wisdom we will always remain ignorant of ultimate truth – the true nature of reality. Although we wish for happiness, our ignorance leads us to engage in non-virtuous actions, which are the main cause of all our suffering.

Cultivate a good heart

If we do not cultivate a good heart, our selfish motivation destroys harmony and good relationships with others. We have no peace, and no chance to gain pure happiness. Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.

Maintain a peaceful state of mind

If we do not maintain a peaceful state of mind we are not happy even if we have ideal conditions. On the other hand, when our mind is peaceful we are happy even if our external conditions are unpleasant.

The Three Kadampa Study Programs

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has designed three study programs of Buddhist teachings. These programs are the General, Foundation and Teacher Training Programs. They form the very core of the New Kadampa Tradition-International Kadampa Buddhist Union, and are what distinguishes the New Kadampa Tradition from other traditions.

General Program

Drop-in | Everyone Welcome
No enrollment required

Foundation Program

In-depth study
Enrollment required

Teacher Training Program

In-depth study + Teacher training
Enrollment required

General Program

The General Program (GP) is taught at every center for Modern Kadampa Buddhism and is an ideal starting point for those interested to find out more about the practical application of Buddhism and meditation to modern life.

Books that are frequently used in our General Program classes and which are a great place to start learning about Buddhism and meditation:

The core of our General Program is our weekly drop-in meditation classes. Currently we are offering the following drop-in classes every week:

Sunday Mornings 10:30am-12pm
Monday Evenings 7-8pm
Wednesday Evenings 7-8:30pm
Fridays After-work 5:30-6:15pm

Foundation Program

The purpose of the Foundation Program (FP) is to provide a systematic presentation of particular subjects of Mahayana Buddhism to enable practitioners to deepen their knowledge and experience of Buddhism.

The following six books are studied in-depth on the Foundation Program:

Our Foundation Program meets twice a week, Thursdays at 6:30-8:30pm and Sundays at 4-6pm. It is taught by our Resident Teacher Kadam Trina Gunther. The book currently being studied is Joyful Path of Good Fortune.

Teacher Training Program

The purpose of the Teacher Training Program (TTP) is to provide an extensive presentation of particular subjects of Mahayana Buddhism to enable practitioners to deepen their knowledge and experience of Buddhism, and to train as qualified Teachers of Modern Buddhism.

We are currently exploring launching Teacher Training Program at Heruka Center in Fall of 2024.

The following books are studied in Teacher Training Program:

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